“They had a giant pep rally and got all fired up to do nothing”; Trump Hosts Another Senate Republican Lunch While The Country Struggles

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Nothing stops President Donald Trump from breaking traditions — even the pandemic can’t convince him to cancel weekly Senate Republican Lunches on Capitol Hill. The May 19th gathering was no different. 

The lunch was attended by 53 Republican senators, who were advised to “be tough” on Democrats this fall by the President.  As  Senator John Cornyn told the press afterwards, “He admonished all of us to be tough, fight back.”  

After the gathering wrapped up, Trump met with the reporters, announcing, “We had a great meeting — all of the Republican senators were there.”   

But a $3 trillion pandemic aid package, which was proposed by House Democrats last week, was discussed during the lunch, after all,  reports the Belleville News Democrat. Republican senators insisted they will wait until June to see if U.S. residents, including 30 million of those currently unemployed, will need more help. 

“I don’t see the need right now,” said Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer summed up today’s lunch in two sentences, as quoted by the Belleville News Democrat. 

“They had a giant pep rally and got all fired up to do nothing. What a day.”


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