Tommy Lee Threatens To Leave The Country If The President Is Re-Elected


Another day and yet another Rock Star is threatening to leave the USA if the US president is re-elected.  In fairness, he has been a continuous and outspoken opponent for quite some time. His main opposition centres on social injustice. That has occurred during the tenure of the current president. He feels that people around the world are looking at the USA and questioning what people are doing here. He offers that they are thinking why does the US leave celebrities to their own devices and elect a proper politician who knows what he is doing to the post.  Of course, the president currently is not the only one to hold office. Ronald Reagan was another popular celebrity that achieved holding the top office in the land.

Other famous celebrities have come out in unison. One has asked that his songs should not be played at rallies and conventions. Others have written songs decrying the decay of the countries position in the free world under the incumbent holder of the office.

P.S. Caution The above video contains strong offensive language watch at own discretion.

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