Trump Death Clock On Times Square Strikes 48,000


A 56-foot tall billboard dubbed “Trump Death Clock”, which soars over Times Square in New York has surpassed a body count of 48,000.

It is a project of Eugene Jarecki, the decorated filmmaker who took inspiration from the National Debt Clock billboard in Manhattan. The Trump Death Clock one displays other relevant statistics: lives perished in the COVID-19 pandemic because of the President’s delayed acknowledgment.

While the Trump Death Clock does not, by any means, show unquestionably accurate figures, it operates on a study made by professional epidemiology specialists Britta and Nicholas Jewell. Their research, published on April 14th by the NY Times, estimates that if the White House imposed the safety measures only several days earlier (March 9th and not the 11th), 60% of the coronavirus-related losses would most likely never happen.

By 11:50 a.m. GMT on May 12th the total calculated number reached 81,265; therefore, the Trump Death Clock struck 48,759 in the victims of COVID-19.


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