Trump Filing Law Suits On Votes And Counting


The incumbent president has instigated a flurry of lawsuits. While the nation awaits the results of the elections.. As a result, they have drawn many reactions both here and abroad. It is an attempt to slow the opposing nominee down than any serious legal underpinnings. Thus, some judges have viewed some of them as ludicrous involving just a couple of hundred votes. Some others have viewed them as an attempt to disenfranchise voters. Subsequently, others have a more legal grounding requiring some room for thought. Especially when they involve votes in states that are hanging very close to the winning line and the decision will be crucial. Consequently, the legal hurdles have to be considered and a judgement made on them. No matter what the outcomeis here. This will take some time to sort out

Unfortunately, this is not unprecedented and has happened on numerous occasions in previous presidential elections.

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