Trump Holds His First Pandemic Rally In Front Of Modest Crowd In Tulsa, Acts Racist Resentful

Photo by Astead W. Herndon on Twitter.

Donald Trump has held his first big rally since the “official” start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The president arrived at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 21st to be met with visible gaps and empty rows in the venue made to host 19,000 people.

During his 101-minute speech, Trump glorified his handling of the virus outbreak, calling it “phenomenal,” and said that he asked his administration to slow the testing down — since a high number of positive results would lead to higher statistics. He then proceeded to use a racially insensitive expression “Kung Flu” to describe COVID-19, which he used to refer to as “Chinese virus.’

While addressing the nationwide anti-police brutality protests, Trump focused mainly on the destruction of Confederate memorials, such as the statue of General Pike in D.C. He called it vandalism of the U.S. history and added that burning of the American flag should be punishable by a 1-year jail sentence.

As of the modest turnout, Trump blamed “the fake news” that had supposedly scared people away from attending the rally. He then proceeded to cancel the planned outdoor event, claiming there were “bad people doing bad things” outside.


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