Trump Is Withholding $14 Billion Meant For COVID-19 Testing, Top Democrats Say

Senator Chuck Schumer. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

As President Donald Trump’s promise to reduce the COVID-19 testing continues to make headlines, Democratic Senators call him out for withholding the financing for these tests.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined by the Washington state’s senior Sen. Patty Murray issued a letter on June 21st, according to which the President’s administration still hasn’t spent a great portion of the Congress-approved $25 billion. Of this undistributed money, around $2 billion was supposed to administer tests for people with no insurance, $4 billion – for state levels and tribal grounds contact tracing, and $8 billion was set to bolster the nationwide virus surveillance handling.

While Trump’s office sits on these funds, numerous communities all over the country are left with no resources to appropriately detect COVID-19, and the remaining money should be immediately disbursed, says the letter.


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