Trump Refuses To Wear Mask During Visit Despite Ford Motor’s Pleas: “I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it”

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

President Donald Trump did not cover his face at the Ford Motor Co. plant in Michigan, even though the company’s representatives had asked him to do so. Shielding your mouth and nose area is also required by the state’s executive pandemic order.

All Ford officials were using masks throughout the event, but Trump claimed that it wasn’t needed there.

Trump, nevertheless, refused to face the media with a mask on and was heard claiming that he refused to provide the cameras with “the pleasure” of witnessing it, reports the Greenwich Times.

Afterward, Ford explained that executive chairman William Clay Ford Jr. had requested Trump to put on a mask, which he agreed to do while observing the retro cars exhibit, but would later take it off.

The president has repeatedly declined to wear a face mask publicly.


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