Trump’s “Dirty Laundry” Held To Ransom By Hacker Group REvil

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A cybercriminal organization REvil threatens to make compromising documents on Donald Trump public after hacking servers of the Grubman, Shire, Meiselas and Sacks law firm which represents a plethora of A-listers.

While the news of the hacking went public on May 16th, it had actually happened days before. REvil already used the Dark Web to publish legal papers connected to the singer Madonna to prove the legitimacy of the threats.

On May 15th, the attackers sent a letter to the law firm, demanding $43 million payment to be made in a week, otherwise, they would publicize “a ton of dirty laundry” on the U.S. President next.

The law company representatives have confirmed the attack and claimed that they had hired the world’s finest specialists to deal with the aftermath.

As Page Six reports, an anonymous source states that the firm refuses to comply, believing that the acquired info will be released either way.


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