Trump’s Old Friend Roger Stone Drops Racial Slur On The Black-Hosted Mo’Kelly Show

Photo via MSNBC on YouTube.

Freshly out of a presidential commutation, Donald Trump’s ex-advisor and old friend Roger Stone dropped a racial slur while at the Mo’Kelly Show broadcast.

Stone was conversing with journalist Morris O’Kelly, a Black man, on July 18th, when O’Kelly started a discussion regarding the show guest’s commuted 40-month sentence. Back in November 67-year-old Stone was found guilty on seven counts, including lying to Congress and witness tampering. President Trump, who used to insist that Stone should be cleared, finally granted him a commutation last week.

When O’Kelly suggested that it was the close relationship between Trump and Stone that made the commutation possible, Stone can be heard muttering under his breath “I can’t believe I’m arguing with this N***o.” After the host calls him out, Stone attempts to backtrack, claiming O’Kelly was “out of his mind.”


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