Twitch And Reddit Ban Trump-Dedicated Communities On Their Respective Sites

Photo via Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

The Internet’s giants Twitch and Reddit took action against spreading hate and promoting racism by banning major Trump-dedicated groups on their respective platforms. Both groups were banned on the same day, June 29th.

Twitch, the world’s biggest live streaming service (which is most popular among the gamers but also features members from other communities) flagged Trump’s official channel for hate speech after some old videos featuring POTUS were broadcast there. The restreamed footage included Trump’s infamous racist rant from his rally that took place four years ago. While addressing the topic of Mexican immigrants, the future president of the U.S. described them as rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. Another clip broadcast on the channel was Trump’s latest rally speech where he mentioned “tough hombres” potentially breaking into people’s houses.

Subreddit titled The_Donald was suspended by Reddit staff for abusing the site’s policy by harassing other users, spreading hate speech, and meddling with other subreddits.


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