U.S.A. May Ban Abortions Under Pressure from More than 30 Organizations


After the temporary halt of abortion services in Ohio and Texas, anti-abortion ideologists now plan to spread similar measures all over the United States. On March 24 they addressed Alex Azar the Secretary of Health and Human Services Department, urging him to cooperate.

Their letter, titled “Pro-Life Concerns”, essentially accuses organizations such as Planned Parenthood of keeping the (unspecified) amount of medical utensils to themselves. It also claims that those facilities endanger their patients during the national health emergency.

The letter is signed by more than 30 leaders of America’s “Pro-life” organizations. Their current goal is to persuade HHS to forbid pregnancy termination procedures in every state.

Secretary Azar has yet to make an official response.

This Monday, March 23, abortion was classified as a “non-essential” procedure and abolished in the states of Texas and Ohio for an unknown period.


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