UK First In The Western World To Approve Vaccine


The UK is the first country in the western world to approve the vaccine by Pfizer/BionTech. In doing so vaccines can be rolled out as early as next week. Consequently, over 40 million doses are on order and can be supplied from the companies factory in Belgium. There has been concern the process for developing, trialling and approving a vaccine has been rushed. This has not been so stated the Minister in charge. Teams have been working in unison and in parallel. There has been no attempt at shortcuts and every step of the normal procedures has been met. The prime minister has stated that this is very welcome news. He has also stated that the vaccine would not have a mandatory element to it.

Adding that we don’t do things like that in this country. There is a hierarchy of who gets the vaccines first. Those in care homes and the health carers, those over 65 and all those in health care on the front line.

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