UK Health Authorities Assessing AstraZeneka Vaccine


Uk health authorities are assessing the latest vaccine producer to announce that their vaccine has a 70%+ efficacy rate. Although this is not the same as the first two companies to announce their vaccines. Their efficacy rates were in the mid 90% percentile. Another major issue is that scientists are highly sceptical of the claims as they appear to have botched up the trials. They thus consider them to be non-transparent. They also claim that if placed under intense scrutiny they would fail. As the numbers involved in the trials simply do not pass muster. However the UK health authorities are under great pressure as the numbers of cases is one of the worst in the world.. Having a company that has one of its bases as the UK. Is an advantage in getting the production of the vaccine quickly to the UK. They are thus very keen and interested in the vaccine passing peer scrutiny and their methodology of assessment.

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