University President Steps Down In Disagreement Over Lack Of Virus Policy


The president of a state university has stepped down as the number of cases of the virus at the location. Has topped more than half of the state total. Thre is more than meets the eye here. Firstly it is not that the president chose to leave in the middle of the resurgent pandemics spike in numbers. It was being in total disagreement with the policy decisions taken before students restarted this term. There was disagreement registered by her as the University concerned did not use the precautions that others were using. For example, they were not requiring that students were being tested on re-entry. Also that residents were not being asked to self-quarantine. Failure to follow these form of policies she was for and advocated. Is the cause of the spiralling numbers now accompanying the resurgent spike.

It does highlight that good policy measures and strict adherence to them is key to containing the spread of the virus.

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