US Presidential Nominees Debate Judged A ‘Bun Fight’

US Presidential Nominees

In the aftermath of the recently concluded debate. It struck me given the controversy it generated regarding the message we send to the world. More of a shouting match than a debate was the analysis. The uncivil and not gentlemanly behaviour by both candidates distasteful. From men at the helm of political leadership in our society, it was a disgrace. Compare and contrast with another debate held on the other side of the world. The debate in New Zealand between the two women running in the premier race was the complete opposite. Civilized, polite and with respect for each other at all times.

It is a small insignificant country only a civilized one. Without the pressures obtainable in the roles of the candidates in the US. However, their conduct was a credit to both the candidates and New Zealand. Which is more than the utter shambles. That our candidates offered us here in the US.

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