About Us

Back in 2010 Democracy For US was a printed Boston magazine established by an LGBT+ activist Hannah Knox and her non-profit organization Wildflowers. You could get a free copy in little bookshops and coffee houses in Charleston and beyond, and everything was good until the 2016 election happened.

That’s when Hannah and the Wildflowers decided it was time to make our voices louder and take another step. Democracy For the U.S. became a digital news platform with a broader spectrum of topics to cover and readers to reach.

Today Hannah Knox remains the driving force behind our project, while Diana Ramirez and John Richardson lead the team of dedicated minds.
Our goal is to deliver the latest news on everything that affects the rights of the protected classes throughout the United States. We wish to provoke new thinking, inspire better vision and contribute to wider society.

The members of the team behind Democracy For the U.S. are spread over the country — which also allows us to get the best angles.

Democracy For the U.S. aims to be a safe haven for every reader who believes in a Free America. We aspire to be the information hub that provides breaking news on politics, healthcare, education, human rights and culture.

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